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Anglican Missions – Stamps for Missions

Anglican Missions sells stamps on Trade Me, in auctions and to dealers around the world.  Thanks to everyone who has donated stamps to Anglican Missions!  Keep them coming!

However, we no longer want the general-use ‘KIWI’ stamps – these are the ones for general use with no postage allocated – those with pictures of ice cream cones, fishing, road sign, etc.  Our stamp buyers have been overwhelmed by them and are no longer taking them.

We do however want the... View article

AWSC Newsletter – July 2017 – link

Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa Lava, Bula Vinaka, Greetings! This month Mere Wallace and Annette Cater celebrate the ordination of The Right Revd Dr Eleanor Sanderson.  AWSC has had a long interest in Ellie via our mentoring programme as she has progressed through her PhD studies and when she was invited to Virginia Theological Seminary as guest speaker a few years ago for the Anglican Women in Prayer conference.  We are thrilled to see that her hard work and commitment has been... View article

1000 Responses to the Housing Crisis


What is the role of Christians in a housing crisis?

We all know stories about the housing crisis.  Friends who can’t afford a home or struggle to pay rent.  Families forced to stay in motels or sleep in their car.  Children getting sick because their home is too cold and damp.  This election, Bishop Justin calls you to join a period of prayer, reflection and action.  As church members – homeowners, renters, landlords, communities and voters – we will consider the... View article

The Anglican Parish of Lower Hutt , Youth and Families Minister, part-time


Youth and Families Minister, part-time

The Anglican Parish of Lower Hutt wishes to appoint an ordained or lay minister to this important role. The appointee’s focus will be to:


  • co-ordinate      and develop the current ministry to children, youth and their families
  • offer      chaplaincy services to Chilton Saint James School
  • assist      with preaching and leadership of worship.

The appointee should... View article

From the Archbishops and Primates of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, Interim Report of The Primate’s Working Group on Motion 29



2 July 2017

To the Bishops, clergy and people of the

Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Interim Report of The Primate’s Working Group on Motion 29

In May 2016 the General Synod/ Te Hīnota Whānui of our Church met in Napier and received the report and recommendations of the A Way Forward – He Anga Whakamua – Na Sala ki Liu Working Group. Following a long... View article

Anglican Youth Workers conference “The Abbey”.

This event is in its fifth year in 2017 and will be sure to be another great opportunity to be both equipped for the work as well as encouraged and acknowledged for the selfless work that all youth workers in the church offer.

Meet discuss, laugh, pray, encourage, worship and eat with 200 other Anglican youth leaders who love Jesus and who love working with young people!

The Abbey 2017 starts on Friday 25 August at 8pm and finishes on Sunday 27 August at 2pm. We’re... View article

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