Upcoming Ordination

On Saturday 4th February 2017 at 4pm, Trish Ducker will be ordained to the holy office of Priest at Holy Trinity, Winton.

A warm invitation is extended to all to join Trish on this very special day.

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ALLM Training Day

Association of Licenced Lay Ministers Training Day  at Balclutha Anglican Church Hall on Saturday Feb 11th 2017, Cup of tea from 10.15. Time: 10.45am- 3.30pm. Theme, “MISSION WHERE WE ARE.” Bible Study with Bishop Kelvin.

Workshops: 1. Steve Maina : CMS 2. Bishop Kelvin: Where 2 or 3 are gathered 3. Dot Muir : Rwenzori and Diocesan Mission

Bring your Bible, Prayer book and lunch. This day is for all involved in ministry.

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Diocesan Farewell to Bishop Kelvin

A warm invitation is extended to all TO THE DIOCESAN FAREWELL, FOR BISHOP KELVIN WRIGHT on the 28th April 2017 at 6.30pm AT THE CATHEDRAL OF ST PAUL THE APOSTLE The liturgy will be followed by light refreshments and speeches in the crypt of St Paul’s. Please RSVP by Friday 13th April to Debbie on (03) 488-0820 or

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Ravi Zacharias: Dunedin Visit

Ravi Zacharias is a leading apologist for the Christian gospel and will be in Dunedin next year. He will be speaking at the Forsyth Barr Stadium on the Sunday 26th February 2017 and also on the Otago University campus that week, along with Jade Te Uri Karaka and Michael Ramsden. This visit is hosted by the Combined Dunedin Churches. For more details and promotional material, see here: http://ravizachariasdunedinvisit.weebly.com/

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En Hakkore Silent directed retreat 5-10 March 2017

There will be a silent directed retreat at En Hakkore Sunday 5 March to Friday 10 March 2017. Leaders will be Bishop Kelvin Wright, John Franklin and Mary Hepburn, RSM. Details and a registration form are available from Trish Franklin:   or 021 279 8343.

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