Liturgical Resources

Liturgical Resources
Social Service Sunday Liturgy 147.9 KB
Mary MacKillop37.9 KB
Lectionary Links30.2 KB
Prayer Cycle100.9 KB
Christ In All Creation36.8 KB
A form of Ash Wednesday Service to be used by a priest622.1 KB
Ash Wednesday for Lay Ministers452.8 KB
A Service for Ash Wednesday87.6 KB
Alternative Great Thanksgivings76.8 KB
The Year of Matthew
Worship Resources190.2 KB
Understanding Matthew34.8 KB
Theology Themes42.5 KB
Matthew Parables37.4 KB
Introduction Matthew185.7 KB
Hymn Support36.4 KB
Advent and Christmas
Wreath Home107.5 KB
Wreath83.5 KB
Virtual Nativity53.2 KB
The-First-Kiwi-Christmas36.4 MB
The-First-Kiwi-Christmas36.7 MB
The First Kiwi Christmas - PowerPoint Notes2.4 MB
The First Kiwi Christmas - Craft - Kaleidocycle3.6 MB
The First Kiwi Christmas - Colouring Sheets - 1 to 41.9 MB
Simeon Anna37.4 KB
Reason Season49.7 KB
No Room In34.8 KB
Jesse Symbols77.8 KB
Jesse Service45.6 KB
Father Memories39.4 KB
Cover208.4 KB
Christmas Craft291.8 KB
Ang Rc Wreath52.7 KB
Ad Xmas Card1.7 MB
Advent29.7 KB
9 Lessons Carols99.3 KB
Canon Parata
Parata4125.6 KB
Image of Parata 1188.9 KB
General Information about Canon Parata38.4 KB
Bicultural Worship Resources
Te Pouhere Sunday - a local resource252.9 KB
Tamihana Te Rauparaha picture10.4 KB
Tamihana teaching options with children39.4 KB
Tamihana Sheet162.8 KB
Tamihana Te Rapuaraha213.0 KB
Bishop George Augustus Selwyn picture40.4 KB
Tamihana Puzzel Sheet 8-1044.0 KB
Tamihana Puzzel Sheet 5-7324.6 KB
Tamihana Puzzel Sheet 10+76.8 KB
Tamihana's cousin & co-worker - Matene Te Whiwhi 32.3 KB
Maori Language Week 27 July - 2 Aug 20151.7 MB
Audio Version of The Blessing in Maori 2.7 MB
Aotearoa Sunday648.7 KB
For Life
New Beginnings46.6 KB
Liturgy for Recognising the End of a Marriage76.8 KB
A Liturgical Resource for Addressing Experiences of Abuse in the Church38.4 KB
Liturgy of Healing from Abuse for Women101.9 KB
Liturgy for the Blessing of a Relationship135.2 KB
Templates for Worship
Websites, biblical & liturgical76.3 KB
Template for Anglican Worship99.3 KB
An Annotated Resource List38.1 KB
Here and Now Confirmation in Tikanga Pakeha541.6 KB
A Great Thanksgiving for Children25.1 KB
Eucharistic Liturgy - Justice & Reconciliation30.7 KB
Confirmation an Anglican Resource625.8 KB
Agape Meal - A4 Placemat - used during 2014 Ministry Conference - PDF89.6 KB
Agape Meal - A4 Placemat - used during 2014 Ministry Conference - Word Document194.6 KB
Agape Meal - A3 Placemat - used during 2014 Ministry Conference - PDF101.4 KB
Agape Meal - A3 Placemat - used during 2014 Ministry Conference - Word Document202.2 KB
Ashes to Fire
palm sunday40.4 KB
maundy thursday51.7 KB
living liturgy250.4 KB
lent & easter34.3 KB
great thanksgiving children31.8 KB
good friday79.9 KB
easer season28.7 KB
easter liturgy93.2 KB
chrism eucharist48.6 KB
ash wednesday 2100.9 KB
ash wednesday43.0 KB
sample policy on music30.7 KB
linking music to the revised common lectionary53.8 KB
filter process for hymn selection576.5 KB
guidelines for choosing congregational music107.0 KB
church music and the cultural social context39.9 KB
adapt or perish28.7 KB
10 commandments for church music36.4 KB
Marsden Cross and the Bicentennial Year
Marden Cross Travel Directions20.5 KB
Marsden Cross Panels4.6 MB
Donation Details27.6 KB
Power-Point Address13.5 MB
Power-Point Address Speaking Notes47.1 KB