Diocesan Procedures


Diocesan Procedures
Guidelines of Best Practice73.7 KB
Code of Pastoral Practice781.3 KB
A Guide to Synod259.6 KB
Section A The Ministry Structure85.5 KB
Section B The Mission Structure76.3 KB
Section C Christian Initiation90.6 KB
Section D Services & Sacraments84.0 KB
Section E Care Ordained Ministers Ministry64.0 KB
Section F Licensed Ministries50.4 KB
Section G parish matters45.2 KB

Diocese of Dunedin Statutes

Contents Page

Statutes Cover

Standing Orders of the Dunedin Diocese Synod

Standing Resolutions of Synod

Statute 1: To regulate the composition and procedures of the Diocesan Synod and to establish a diocesan council

Statute 3: Formation of Parishes & local Churches & powers & duties of parish officers, with list of parishes and local churches.

Statute 4: The appointment and licensing of Clergy

Statute 5: Cathedral and Chapter

Statute 6: Representatives to General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui

Statute 7: Vicar-General & Deputy Vicar General

Statute 8: Control of the Diocesan Office

Statute 9: Insurance Board

Statute 10: General Church Fund

Statute 11: Home Mission Fund

Statute 12: Diocesan Central Fund

Statute 13: New Century Fund

Statute 14: The Diocesan Budget Suggested Share Amendment Statute 2016

Statute 15: Clergy Pension and Benevolent Fund

Statute 17: Diocesan Institutions

Statute 18: Diocesan Social Service Fund

Statute 19: Management of Selwyn College

Statute 20: St. Hilda’s Collegiate School

Statute 22: Management of Cemeteries

Statute 23: Authoritative Records of Standing Orders and Statutes

Statute 24: Verification of Statutes

Statute 25: The Appointment of Trustees Act 1880

Statute 26: Trust Board Empowering Statute

Statute 27: Stipends, Allowances & Regulations

Statute 31: Standing Resolutions of Synod

Statute 36: Lay ministry in Communities

Statute 37: Define the Diocesan Foundation

Statute 38: Members of Boards & Committees