Diocesan Forms

Association of Licensed Lay Ministers
Lay Licence - Application for Renewal of Lay Licence135.2 KB
Lay Licence - Application for New Lay Licence137.2 KB
Declaration 153.8 KB
Declaration 2113.7 KB
Licenced Lay Ministers Booklet167.4 KB
Licensed Ministry Process Pamphlet192.0 KB
Ministry Covenant27.1 KB
Diocesan Forms
Annual Statistical Return64.5 KB
Annual Return 58.4 KB
Application for Funding for Projects Working with Children 201951.0 KB
Local Churches Budget Template15.5 KB
2016 Diocesan Retreat Registration Form102.8 KB
Expense Claim Form 201935.0 KB
Faculty Application Form 201832.1 KB
Good News Order Form - Individuals224.3 KB
Good News Order Form - Parish215.9 KB
Local Churches Guidelines429.0 KB
Travel Mileage Claim Form 36.1 KB
Mission Committee Collated Questionnaire20.1 KB
Application for Funding Grant from the Mission Fund91.3 KB
Motor Vehicle Reimbursement Rates 201830.3 KB
Stipended Clergy Sick Leave Record123.9 KB
Stipended Clergy Leave Form30.6 KB
Declaration by Vestry Members & Officers51.7 KB
Declaration by Vestry Members & Officers - other denomination31.7 KB
Visiting Ministers Form 26 July 2018 to 30 April 2019386.6 KB
Visiting Ministers Form page 212.3 KB

Diocesan Timesheet – Word Version (November 2018)

Diocesan Timesheet – .pdf Version (November 2018)

Social Service Funds Grant Application Form 2019 (pdf version)

Social Service Funds Grant Application Form 2019 (Word version to complete and send in – please contact if you would like this file emailed to you)

Click here to see an article about Social Services Funds Grants in the Diocesan News.