Association of Anglican Women

The Association of Anglican Women


The Aims of the Association
~ To unite in prayer and participate in the mission of the Church.
~ To promote, safeguard and nurture Christian family life.

The AAW Prayer
O God, our Father, whose love for all people is proclaimed in Jesus Christ,
We thank you for uniting us in prayer and fellowship.
Use us now in the mission of your Church
Help us to realise that everything we do and say reflects our love for you.
Bless homes and families throughout the world, especially those unhappy or those in need.
Show us how by our example and concern we can take your peace and love wherever your spirit leads us – today and all our days.

About the AAW
The AAW was formed in September 1969. It is an Anglican New Zealand-wide umbrella organisation which also includes Polynesia. Affiliated groups include Fellowships, Guilds, Mothers’ Union and Young Women’s Groups. It is open to all women, and we have our own national magazine called “CIRCLE”. There are 16 groups throughout the Diocese with approximately 230 members, 9 Lone members and 1 Life member. We offer Christian support, friendship, social interaction and fellowship which is a great way to network with other women.

Overseas and Outreach is one arm of AAW and it is very active within New Zealand and overseas. Funds given by members support projects to help women and children anywhere. An Emergency Fund is set up to provide relief in natural disasters both within New Zealand and overseas.

AAW is affiliated to National Council of Women, which gives our members a voice for lobbying Government and to work for positive change through our own Social Concerns arm of AAW. AAW groups have representatives who attend NCW meetings in their areas.

AAW has taught women how to be leaders, to develop public speaking skills, to be involved in Worship leading and many other skills, which not only helps them in their daily lives but also in Parish life, with nurturing Christian family life, pastoral visiting and outreaching into the community. Some AAW members take an active part in ministry work or other work on diocesan, regional or community committees.

If you wish to find out more information about AAW groups or becoming lone members in the diocese, please contact one of the Executive members listed below.

President: Christine Aitken
38 Balmain Street
Halfway Bush
Dunedin 9010

Ph: 03 476 3028

Immediate Past President: Anne Gover
4 Lennox Street
Gore 9710
Ph:03 208 5235

Secretary: Marjorie Brown

5 Islington Street

North East Valley

Dunedin 9010

Ph:03 473 7751


Treasurer: Margaret McLanachan
109 Forfar Street
Dunedin 9011

Ph: 03 453 0131
021 216 9640

Chaplain ;Rev’d Joanna Fielding
32 City Road
Dunedin 9010

Ph: 03 471 7417
027 662 8233

Overseas And Outreach: Dot Muir
203 Curran Road
No 9RD
Invercargill 9879

Ph: 03 213 0474
027 405 5218

Social Concerns: Elisabeth Cunningham
11 Brookside Place
Mosgiel 9024

Ph: 03 489 0916
021 212 8700

Circle Distributor: Margaret McLanachan
109 Forfar Street
Dunedin 9011

Ph:03 453 0131
021 216 9640

Publicity: Christine Aitken and Margaret McLanachan

Area Representatives:

Dunedin: Margaret Tegg
1 Colquhoun Street
Dunedin 9011

Ph:03 476 4505
027 476 4505

Southland: Robin Speden
11 Pukaki Street
Gore 9710

Ph:03 208 3548
027 491 7992

North Otago: Nonie Rooney
24 Glendale Crescent
Oamaru 9400 Ph:03 437 9470

Central Otago: Liz Duggan
30 Ventry Street
Alexandra 9320

Ph: 03 448 7435

Synod Represntatives: Christine Aitken and Margaret McLanachan

Diocese Office: Registrar
PO Box 13170
Green Island
Dunedin 9052 Ph:03 488 0820


The current theme for AAW is ‘Grow in Discipleship, Dreams, Dedication’.
Goals and our Vision
1] Outreach within the parish and community: visiting our elderly and infirm. Music and Movement Groups for pre-schoolers. Supporting Food Banks, Anglican Family Care.
2] Young Women’s Groups to meet socially once a month to bond; later on may lead to further church activity e.g. Sunday School teaching, flowers, needlework, cleaning and AAW.
3] Men’s Nights, inviting our husbands/partners to a pot luck tea with guest speaker, games night or just a social time.

For AAW Groups that have a more senior age group or cannot actively outreach then these goals may suit them:
1] Choose an Overseas and Outreach project and do something with it for the next 12 months, with follow up reports
e.g. Operation Christmas Child or Anglican Family Care.
2] Choose 1 or 2 projects from Social Concerns and go with this for the 12 months, with follow up reports
e.g. Reading to the elderly, visiting the members alone at home or in care.
It is important for us to include all groups regardless of numbers or ages. We all need to feel that we can contribute something –we are all worthy to do things for the Lord and we are all able to PRAY. It is also important for us, as part of our first aim to participate in the mission of the Church.

Diocese of Dunedin AAW Prayer Cycle
Dear Lord,
You have given us a special calling,
The call to pray for each other’s needs.
Bless those who are named on our Prayer Cycle today.
Thank you that we can unite each day in prayer. Amen.

Groups please use this special Prayer Cycle and pray for those shown each day of the month.

May God bless you in your daily walk with Christ in whatever you are doing and wherever you are each day.