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  • February 23 · Available Light

    (c) spent some of this week assisting my friend and colleague, Anne Van Gend of the Anglican Schools Office, in conducting a Special Character review of Rathkeale College, an Anglican b (...)
    Bishop Kelvin Wright
  • February 19 · Available Light
    Another Sunday

    I led worship and preached in Knox Presbyterian Church today, and felt unnervingly at home. The music was polished and beautifully presented while remaining accessible. I like the building. It soars s (...)
    Bishop Kelvin Wright
  • February 13 · Available Light
    Riding Off Into The Sunset

    You've seen the movie a thousand times. The town is full of baddies and no one knows what to do, especially the very pretty school teacher/widow/shopkeeper who the chief baddie seems to fancy. In ride (...)
    Bishop Kelvin Wright
  • February 12 · Available Light
    Starting Young

     What do you do when children want to handle valuable and fragile things? Forbid them and make the object all the more attractive? Let them handle it under supervision and and so familiarise them (...)
    Bishop Kelvin Wright
  • February 01 · Available Light
    Eden to Patmos. Week 9.

    I am in Queenstown. Back on the job, back on the road. Still reading my way through the Old Testament.I like this part of the Bible, these stories of David as he rises to power and tries to keep one s (...)
    Bishop Kelvin Wright