Laidlaw College invites interested theologians, practitioners and academics to put this   date in their diaries, and also to submit abstracts for   papers relevant to the theme of the symposium. In this   cross-disciplinary and cross-practice conversation we do not expect all   papers to show expertise on all sides of the conversation, but we hope  for papers that will offer insight into potential integration.
Papers could relate to, but not be limited   to, the following themes:

  • Hospitality
  • Power
  • Agency
  • Personhood
  • Wellness
  • Ethics
  • Theodicy
  • Forgiveness
  • Creation
  • Christology
  • Restorative  practices
  • Reconciliation  as a vocational disposition
  • Inclusive  practices
  • Bicultural  practices
  • Grief  and loss

Abstracts   should be submitted no later than 15 May 2018. They should be no   more than 350 words, with a short biography of the presenter(s). Abstracts   should be sent to Tim Meadowcroft ()   or Lisa Spriggens ().

Reference Code: HQFH
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