St John’s is developing its distance learning in 2018. Regional Delivery of the NZ Diploma in Christian Studies will be supplemented by an online trial course starting in March. The initial offering will be an introductory 5 credit, Level 5 course: Listening and Pastoral Conversation. Step-by-step skills will be interwoven with the content:

  • The how to’s of getting online successfully
  • Using MOODLE and TurnItIn
  • A programme overview and progression
  • An introduction to the people who can help along the way and how to contact them
  • Understanding of the purposes of academic learning
  • Getting to grips with critical thinking and Biblical thinking
  • How to read academic texts, plan and write reflections and essays
  • Referencing and why we do it – and the problem of plagiarism
  • Policies to know about and to help you succeed
  • Using the library and finding online journals

An initial face to face gathering will be optional and held in a central location for each diocese. The same content will then be repeated in two live (and recorded) webinars. These will be followed by 6 x 1.5 hour, weekly live (and recorded) online classes.

The course will be supported by a full set of easy-to-follow weekly online activities, readings and teacher-led (but in your own time) discussions.

The platform will be in web-browser that has the teacher visible on-screen alongside PowerPoint slides, whiteboards, shared screens, and utilises live, 2-way chat facilities for questions and instant feedback, resource viewing so all students can participate. All from a one click access from the online course page.

All classes will be recorded and follow up activities designed to engage learners and ensure they watch as well as assimilate the learning. The topics will also be made available as how-to resources for participants to access when needed.

If well-supported, the initial introductory course will then be followed by other 10 or 15 credit courses in the NZ Diploma in Christian Studies.

Those interested should call the College for enrolment forms 09 521 2725.

Reference Code: XYML
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