National Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies, Wednesday 18 October, Professor David Tombs (Theology and Public Issues) will present a seminar. Research and policy initiatives in recent decades have highlighted the prevalence of conflict-related sexual violence, and the extremity of the abuses that this can involve. This presentation will explore the connections that can exist between crucifixion and sexual violence. The first part will discuss first century Roman crucifixions and the naked exposure of victims. The second part will examine Aurora Mardiganian’s initial account, and her subsequent clarification, relating to a group ‘crucifixion’ during the Armenian Genocide. David Tombs is the Howard Paterson Chair of Theology and Public Issues, at the University of Otago. He has a particular interest in religion and violence, and in public and contextual theologies. He is author of Latin American Liberation Theology (Brill, 2002)
Wednesday 18 October, 12 noon, Venue 530 Castle St. All welcome. Phone +64 3 479 4546

Reference Code: RKSK
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