7 November:    Life with Big Brother?

Professor Andrew Geddis discusses our current legal and human rights in the light of recently enacted surveillance and intelligence services legislation.


14 November:   Opening the Mind – Confessions of a brain surgeon

Professor of Biomedical ethics Grant Gillett, whose research interests are in psychiatry, philosophy and his area of medical expertise neuroscience, reflects on ethical dilemmas posed by recent advances in brain surgery.  Opening a human head to expose the brain is a daunting prospect.  Neurosurgeons intrude into people’s lives and must be guided by an ethic that is both principled and well informed.


21 November:   Wrongful Conviction

Associate Professor Rachel Zajac, University of Otago psychology specialist in forensic psychology, looks at what goes wrong when wrongful convictions occur.


28 November:   The current state of Anglian Roman Catholic relations

Archbishop Sir David Moxon, until June 2017 the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See and Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, and previously the Bishop of Waikato.


5 December:   Citizen Stylist project

Dr Margo Barton, who teaches fashion at Otago Polytechnic, speaks about a project initiated in response to comments from the public such as ‘love emerging fashion, but would never wear it” and from emerging designers like “my collection is too conceptual to be worn by anyone except models.”   She may bring a few items so that the audience can have a dress up.


These lectures will be in the parish lounge off Hillside Rd on five successive Tuesday evenings throughout November early December at 7.30 pm.  The public are welcome.  No charge.  For further information contact Fr Hugh Bowron at or phone 455 3961


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