Anglican Missions sells stamps on Trade Me, in auctions and to dealers around the world.  Thanks to everyone who has donated stamps to Anglican Missions!  Keep them coming!

However, we no longer want the general-use ‘KIWI’ stamps – these are the ones for general use with no postage allocated – those with pictures of ice cream cones, fishing, road sign, etc.  Our stamp buyers have been overwhelmed by them and are no longer taking them.

We do however want the alternative mail Kiwi stamps, i.e. Pete’s Post, NZM, DX, etc.  And we would like other NZ stamps and of course international ones too.

We are interested in mind and used stamps, as well as collections.  Post – PO Box  12012, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.  By Courier:  32 Mulgrave Street, Thorndon. Wellington 6011

Reference Code: SXRR
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