There will be an opportunity for people to undertake CPE training in Dunedin during January – March 2018. The trainer will be Rev Mary Huie-Jolly.

For more information about CPE please go to

CPE is an action-reflection method of learning pastoral practice under supervision which:

  • integrates pastoral work and theology, with relevant medical, psychological and behavioural sciences
  • engages participants in reflection about what happens before their eyes
  • develops better pastoral relationships by bringing together personal experience, spirituality and theology
  • is professional education for ministry, designed to establish and improve ministry practice

The goal of CPE is to assist participants, using an experiential learning approach, to begin (or enhance) the development of their personhood and the skills of pastoral care. This includes beginning to understand, or to consolidate and expand, the connections between their experiences in life, ministry, faith and theology.”

If you have an interest in this course please let the Ministry Educator know () know. He will pass expressions of interest on to Mary.

Reference Code: GRNW
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