Wednesday 2 August

‘The Global Future of Religion and Nonreligion’. 

Public Lecture with Dr Conrad Hackett (Associate Director of Research, Pew Research Center).  5:15-6:30pm, Archway 1

Many people have speculated about the future of religion. Now Pew Research Center has undertaken the first formal demographic projections exploring the future of religion using data on age, fertility, mortality, migration and religious switching for major religious groups around the world. These projections provide new answers to important questions – Will the ranks of the religious unaffiliated or the affiliated grow faster in the coming decades? And among the affiliated, which religions will grow fastest and which are expected to decline? This talk will discuss the latest data on the changing global religious landscape, how change is expected to vary by regions, as well as the causes and consequences of these changes.

Thursday 24 August

Panel on New Zealand Election: What should we be talking about?   Panellists: with Professor Jonathan Boston (Director, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington), Professor Hugh Campbell (Department of Sociology, Gender and Social Work), Professor Janine Hayward (Department of Politics).  12:00-12:50pm, venue to be confirmed

A discussion on public issues in relation to the upcoming election. What are the issues that need more attention?


Saturday 26 August

‘Responses to Climate Change and the Challenges Facing the Churches’.

10am – 12noon, St Patrick’s Community Centre, 40 Macandrew Road, Dunedin

A conversation on climate change to explore the challenges facing communities and the churches. The conversation will include a presentation by Prof Jonathan Boston (Victoria University of Wellington), which will address the need to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.


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