Some of you may know that I lead pilgrimages to the Holy Land.  About 20 years ago during a Sabbatical Patsy and I went on our own.  It was great but pretty demanding as we negotiated various backpackers, rental  cars, holy sites etc.  I vowed then that I would return with a group of folk who otherwise would never get there on their own.  So in 2010 I started taking groups.  This will be the 5th such Pilgrimage and Praise the Lord we have had very few worries, in spite of what the media say. One of our pilgrims last year had never travelled outside NZ.  So concerned was she that her family would talk her out of it, she didn’t tell them till a few days before leaving !!!  For her it was a lifetime highlight.  She emails me occasionally with memories.

Come join Patsy and me on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land next year: May 5-28 2018 approx.   We will go to Jordan: walk the Petra Valley, then cross the Jordan river and stay in the old city of Jerusalem for 4 nights.  We then head to Bethlehem, Nazareth and Galilee ( where we can renew our baptism vows). You can also sign up for Greece- Athens where we will go to the Areopagus (Acts 17). We will spend a day in Corinth as well.  We end up on the island of Patmos where John was imprisoned and where he wrote the book of Revelation. There may be folk in your parishes who would love to come.  Please advertise this in your Diocese.  It could be a dream come true for them. Rev Tim Mora, Mark and Pip Chamberlain came on the last Pilgrimage, as well as Clergy and lay folk from all over N Z.  The itinerary and registration form for the 2018 Pilgrimage Tour available from, 0508100111

Mike Hawke 021 711 726
Dean, Christ Church Cathedral, Nelson

Reference Code: LFGK
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