This appeal to support the stipend of our Bishop has been going on for some time now. Thank you to all those who have been able to offer financial support to the Bishop over the next 5 years.
Currently we face an annual shortfall of about $50,000 in funding to support the Bishop. It is likely that this shortfall will rise within the five year period we are looking at.

Currently 71 different people or groups have made a contribution.
People have used weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual payment methods. Some people have chosen to make a one off payment and will see what they can manage later.
One off support totals $8,350

Support from others who have agreed to continue providing this support for the five years, currently comes to an expected total of nearly $20,000 a year.

Thank you to all those of you who have made a decision to support in this way. Thank you to those who continue to hold us all in prayer as both the diocesan structure and the diocese itself (all of you on the ground in the parishes) go through some pretty massive changes.

  Alec Clark

From Daily Devotions for Saturday Morning:
God of opportunity and change,
praise to you for giving us life at this critical time.
As our horizons extend, keep us loyal to our past;
as our dangers increase, help us to prepare the future;
keep us trusting and hopeful,
ready to recognise your kingdom as it comes. AMEN.

A Prayer for our Diocese

O Lord, who has not stopped forming us
since the hour of our beginning;

Who has come among us to save us from ourselves
and to teach us to love;

Who dwells beside us and within us
and below us and above us,

Give us the grace to think again.
May we know the joy of true discipleship;

May our relationships with you
and with each other
be real and deep;

May we have the courage to give our best for the least.
In the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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