National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies is offering a seminar on Wednesday 17 August from Olly Te Hata Ohlson, entitled Exploring Maori Indigenous Narrative Therapy.  All welcome.

Olly Te Hata Ohlson is the founder of Maori Indigenous Narrative Therapy, which is based on ancient Maori beliefs and philosophy.  The Tohunga Suppression Act made these unlawful in 1907 and he was one of many students who protested until the Act was withdrawn in 1964. Since then Olly has been studying and telling the whole world about these ancient beliefs and philosphy which are still with us today hidden in the decorative art forms, poetry, chants, songs and special story forms. Ancestral carved meetinghouses hold spiritual knowledge and truths that centre around wholeness, unity and intimacy. This begins with the self and the awareness of the relationship with other life forms including the earth personified as Papatuanuku or Earth Mother and Ranginui – Sky Father.   This seminar will explore Olly’s work, and the practical and experiential applications of Maori Indigenous Narrative Therapy to a variety of life’s situations.

Venue: 520 Castle St, Room 1

Date:  Wednesday 17 August

 Time: 12 noon – 1.30pm

Reference Code: HLPV
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