Dunedin Community Gallery May 8-18th

Please join us for the Dunedin premiere of ‘Transplanted: Refugee ‘Portraits of New Zealand’, a ten-day photographic exhibit and talking space around refugee experience and issues.

These gorgeous two-metre tall portraits are by renowned photographer Alistair Guthrie. The producer of the project, Tracey Barnett, is a journalist and author of The Quiet War on Asylum. She will be available to speak to your group at the exhibit about the dramatically changing new war against asylum—and how it is very specifically affecting our own shores. She has reported from refugee camps, detention centres, and has been a longtime advocate for changes in New Zealand’s refugee quota and detention policies.

With the arrival of Dunedin’s new resettlement refugees, this initiative is well timed. We will be hosting community and school groups to hear speakers each day and evening, as well as creating ‘Human Library’ sessions where former Dunedin refugees will come talk to those in attendance, one-on-one. In the course of the week, we hope the community will also be able to connect to refugees via virtual connection further afield in other New Zealand cities, as well as overseas.

When:     Church groups welcome Tuesday, May 10, 10:00am

Who:        Speakers, Professor Murray Rae and Journalist Tracey Barnett

Where:   Dunedin Community Gallery, 20 Princess Street

To volunteer, contact: isabellachuah@gmail.com


An Introduction to ‘Transplanted: Refugee Portraits of New Zealand’: http://wagepeacenz.org/2016/03/15/transplanted-refugee-portraits-of-new-zealand/


Donations welcome at our Give-A-Little funding raising page: http://wagepeacenz.org/2016/03/15/transplanted-refugee-portraits-of-new-zealand/

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