During a visit to  Uganda 5 years ago, visiting families who are sponsored by people like you through TEAR Fund, I was approached by some local people looking for further support from places like NZ.  After telling  them what I did in Invercargill as an Early Intervention Teacher  where I worked  with many families who had a children with special needs they requested my help in setting up a Foundation to support children with special needs in Uganda and in particular in remote villages where any kind of therapeutic support is practically non-existent.

The people were concerned that these special needs children  were hidden in their families huts with parents believing  that they had done something wrong and the families where being  punished by their child having a disability.

Would I help them?

Several open air assessments have since been  organised by our RWENZORI SPECIAL NEEDS FOUNDATION where over 600 hundred families have been assessed by doctors and eye specialists and referred for surgery or to other agencies for the help they need.

Last year our Foundation  raised funds for the purchase of a van which takes families with their child with a special need to  a hospital 150 kls away. This van also takes children to their local school where before this did not happen.

A vocation unit has been established with the partnership from the Children’s Accomplished Trust of the UK where young people with a special need learn hair dressing, sewing, crafts, farming ,gardening and many more vocational activities that will empower them to gain a living for themselves.

Physio and Occupational Therapists work alongside students and the families giving them rehabilitation programs to help restore their health.

In July this year a small group of people are going back to Fort Portal Uganda from July 8—28th to work alongside these families  to encourage and further assist them on all the above.

Unfortunately one person in this group is now unable to attend so if you would like to visit with our team of 5 please contact me Dot Muir 0274055218 for information.

Fund raising— we will be making cheese rolls, on Saturday 14 May ,could you sell some for us please??

We need to send as much money as we can to help with these programs and to give people of Fort Portal Uganda who have a child with special needs a chance at an acceptable standard of life.


Thank you for reading this and for your ongoing support.
Dot Muir

Reference Code: RGGS
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