This year we have had a major reorganisation of the Diocesan Office which has seen a reduction in the number of people employed, both in administration and educational roles. This has meant a major realignment of the tasks performed in the office and shifts in the job descriptions of all staff. This has included the Bishop. From the beginning of this year, I have taken on some of the educational tasks formerly performed by Alec and Benjamin, notably those tasks associated with the formation of new clergy. All the roles I have assumed are consistent with my primary role as bishop, and while it is technically true that I am now part time Bishop and part time ministry educator, I do not believe the role of bishop in the diocese has been lessened or compromised one bit. In fact, with added contact with our newly ordained clergy and a consequently deepened relationship with those I am most immediately responsible for, I think my episcopal office has been enhanced. I am still managing to get around the diocese as often as before, and because the educational part of my role can quite legitimately draw on funds outside of the diocesan budget, there are some financial advantages for the diocese. I will continue this division of duties for the rest of the year, and it may or may not continue with the appointment of a new bishop, depending on the person elected and the wishes of the diocese. In short, I have refocused my priorities but my days are still completely filled with being Bishop of Dunedin.

Reference Code: MKCJ
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