World Day of Prayer services on Friday 4 March will have a distinctive Cuban feel.  Cuban women have prepared the resources for this global day of prayer with a special focus on children.  The combined prayer services around the country are a special celebration with a truly ecumenical focus.

Chair of New Zealand’s national committee Pauline McKay encourages people to take part in community events. National and local committees have worked hard to prepare the services she said.  Women, men and children of all cultures are invited to attend.

“Because the resources are prepared in country, they offer a different flavour to worship.  The music of Cuba will liven up this year’s worship and help participants to experience the rhythm of the Caribbean,” says Pauline McKay.

New Zealanders will be some of the first people to join in the 40 hour prayer cycle which last year involved nearly two million people in an estimated 21,559 services in 94 languages.  Organised by the International Committee, women from different countries take turns to prepare the resources which are distributed to national groups in 170 countries.

Offerings made at this year’s services will support a project of the Cuban Council of Churches, a Christian World Service programme to re-establish livelihoods and schools in Haiti, the House of Hope for disabled children in Bethlehem, a Bible Society programme to give scriptures to young people and the Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy.  Last year groups gave $38,000 to international and local groups.

The World Day of Prayer is a global movement of Christian women who come together to celebrate in prayer and action on the first Friday in March.  Begun in the US and Canada in the nineteenth century, it became a global movement in 1927.

“Cuba is a country emerging from relative isolation.  Through many decades the Christian community has fostered a vibrant faith expressed in its concern for all people,” Pauline says.  The service is an opportunity to learn more.

If you would like to speak to someone about World Day of Prayer please feel free to call Pauline McKay at (03) 366 9274 or on 021 289 1225



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