1. Dunedin Community Refugee Settlement Information Meeting 2nd February.

Hosted by the Dunedin City Council in conjunction with the Dunedin Refugee Settlement Group, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Red Cross.

1.     To provide refugee resettlement information to interested and engaged community groups and to those involved in the settlement sector.
2.     An opportunity to discuss refugee settlement challenges and for groups/individuals to identify what they can do in response.

VENUE: Glenroy Auditorium (Harrop St), 2nd February – Doors Open 5:30pm START: 6:00pm


  •  Mayor Dave Cull – introduction and the role of Council.
  • The Refugee Voice – former refugee sharing personal story of the refugee journey and the resettlement experience. (NZRC to source speaker)
  • NZ Immigration – Andrew Lockhart – Understanding the NZ Settlement Strategy.  Introduction to Strengthening Refugee Voices.
  • NZ Red Cross – Rachel O’Connor – Introduction to the resettlement process – Pathways to Settlement and Pathways to Employment.  Settlement coordination – Year One hub

Followed by PANEL: Creates an opportunity for people to ask questions.
Followed by Breakout groups: An opportunity for people to explore settlement challenges: Three groups will be created to discuss the following:

1.   Host Community Engagement: How can we prepare and inform the host community for refugee arrivals. Who needs to do what?  What public education needs to occur – by who and how?

2.  Youth Integration: What local options are there for integrating youth into social activities? What services are there currently for youth?  What can be done to make sure the young people    are  well supported an connected on arrival?

3.  Volunteers: How can the area maintain the number of volunteers required on an annual basis?  How can we encourage more volunteering – both for NZRC and other groups.  What roles can existing groups play ie. Steering group, refugee support.
This is a meeting organised partially by the Dunedin Refugee Settlement Group, in which our Church is also represented. Come, if you can, and invite people from your parishes and friends.

2. “I just wish to fulfill my dream – refugee story

September 2015. Hungary built a razor wire and iron wall, in order to stop the arrival of the Middle – Eastern refugees. Unending river of people, that continues its flow until today, turns towards Croatia. More then 600,000 people in 4 months passed through this 8-times-smaller-then-NZ country.
A person from Dunedin spent a week volunteering in Transit and registration camp in December 2015. This is a story about the place and people he met.

St Martin’s Anglican Church, Monday, 8th February at 7.00 pm.
Entrance free, koha welcome – for refugees!
This event can be organised in all parishes interested to host it for the parishioners and wider community.

In Christ,
Fr Ivica Gregurec ACSC
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Mobile: 022 3196709

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