Theme: Life, death and resurrection – the future of the rural church for the whole community.
Wairarapa May 16-20-2016

“Life, Death and Resurrection: the future of the rural church, for the whole community”: the ecumenical organising group believe that we are called to raise our rural voices for the good of all. Rural churches are often seen as being small and invisible, and even as dying in a time when some denominations are committed to the urban and large, but we know that our journeys have value and theological significance. Jesus spoke of seeds needing to fall into the ground and die before new life could grow. He asks us: “What part of you is willing to die? What are you willing to let go, so that new life can come?” Right Rev Andrew Norton, Modertaor of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand: “God, it’s good to be alive. That’s what death teaches us!”

Accommodation and plenary sessions will be at the Masterton Motor Lodge, High Street South, Masterton.

Cost: $NZ475—shared accommodation at the Masterton Motor Lodge; own accommodation arrangements $NZ275.

Programme: Involves sharing stories on the theme of “Life, Death and Resurrection” as we are experiencing it, exploring the Wairarapa and meeting local rural people to hear about their contexts, Bible Studies with Rev Dr Robyn McPhail, finding new courage to live the gospel effectively in rural communities and so becoming more transformative for the whole community .

Start: 2 pm Monday, conclude with lunch on Friday.

Registration form and payment to be made via the International Rural Churches Association-Oceania website
Closing date 6 March 2016
Registrations limited to 50

Reference Code: WHCM
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