Fr Gerard Aynsley, from the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin, is actively involved with Civil Society Groups and both (Catholic an Anglican) churches, to prepare for different needs of the potential settling refugees.

They have set up a subcommittee to work out different areas of need and the ways that volunteers can be involved. One of the key areas of involvement will be in the support provided for each family – essentially to befriend a family. The aim is to have 10-12 people for each family.

There is a database that people can sign into: ;w=1

Diocesan Volunteers Database will be established next week, in order to connect our Diocese.

Ivica also had a meeting with Catholic Diocesan refugee contact person, Amy Armstrong, relationship is established and both will work closely together.

There will be a weekly update on refugees in our Diocesan newsletter for the rest of the year.

Reference Code: SVCK
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