Brett RobertsHello, my name is Brett Roberts and the Dunedin Diocese will shortly ordain me a deacon in the Anglican Church on Nov 28th. However, I have been away from the South for the last 3 years and am aware that most people will not know who I am. Therefore, here is just a wee blurb about myself.

I was born in Auckland, June 1990 (which makes me 25 years old), yet my earliest memories are from Mosgiel, Dunedin where we eventually moved due to my Dad’s job. I am from a blended family with 3 siblings and 3 step-siblings, who resides smack bang in the middle, being the fourth oldest and the fourth youngest. Growing up I went to school on the ‘Taieri Plains’, first at Arthur Burns (which no longer exists), then Mosgiel Intermediate (also gone), and finally Taieri College. I was talented enough to gain University Entrance without putting in much work (believing school was for friends and being around the opposite sex), yet had no desire to go to Uni and start studying. I got my bar licence (because I imagined myself cruising the Greek Islands serving drinks to tourists on holiday cruise ships) and worked in the RSA club in Mosgiel for a year. Through this experience, I came to realise that I loved serving and being around people, yet wasn’t fulfilled in serving drinks for the rest of my life. Therefore, I decided to head off to Otago University and spent 4 years completing a BA Double Majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, with a Minor in Biblical Studies. I wished to help others and change the world by becoming a shrink! However, it seems God has other plans for my life.

I grew up an atheist with a commitment to trusting myself alone, until at the age of 15 God dramatically revealed Himself to me. I have never doubted His existence since, and yet I lived the next 4 years as if He was the ‘safety net’ when you die and I still was in charge. At 19, God dramatically challenged me again (slow learner perhaps) and it was at that moment I died to myself and became a follower of Jesus. During my time at Uni, I began to feel called into ordained ministry and during my final 2 years, I discerned this ‘call’ with my Vicar, trusted elders, and the Diocese. The outcome was an acknowledged sense of calling, so in 2013 I was sent to St Johns Theological College in Auckland to study theology. Looking back, I find this very humourous for a guy who didn’t study in High school to spend 6 years thus far in a Tertiary institution (I’m sure God finds that statement funny). My time at St Johns will be coming to a close at the end of this year.

So what does 2016 hold for me? I will be serving a curacy under Eric Kyte and the parish of St Johns Roslyn. I am excited about this opportunity because I feel called by God back to Dunedin but am still unsure why at this point in time. I am also looking forward to serving God and the people of Dunedin in whatever way God directs me. Your prayers for me over this time would be very much appreciated because I can do nothing without Him who calls, guides, strengthens, and sustains me. The Lord be with all of you

Blessings and Peace Out
Brett Roberts

Reference Code: KVWV
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