Social Transformation Committee
The Diocesan Social Transformation Committee was formed this year by Bishop Kelvin to attend to social justice and social services work. Members of the Committee are: Bishop Kelvin, Gabby Bruce, Jan Clark, Liz Liddell, Colin McLeod, Rose Scott and Michael Wallace.

World Council of Churches Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace
Bishop Kelvin invited the Committee to consider how the diocese might engage with the World Council of Churches Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace.
The Committee decided it would take part in the pilgrimage with a focus on child welfare. The Committee encourages groups within the diocese to visit the WCC pilgrimage website and see how to participate.

Child Welfare Resources
The Committee endorses the work of and recommends to the Diocese:

  • Children living in Poverty study resource produced by the Anglican Social Justice Commission, 2014 find under ‘child poverty study resource’
  • Public lecture on child poverty by Bryan Bruce (author and maker of documentaries such as Inside Child Poverty and Mind the Gap) 3rd October 7pm Quad 2 Lecture Theatre, University of Otago
  • Child Poverty Action Group especially the meeting focussing on housing on 16 October 1.30pm at Carisbrook School
  • a section of the Families Commission website, ‘The Hub’ which has government research related to education, health and wellbeing, crime and justice, families, children and young people.
  • Prison Fellowship New Zealand especially the Angeltree and Angelwalk programmes for children.


Reference Code: FKHK
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