One of the interesting things happening in our changing Christian landscape, is the increased interest in Religious Orders. This is coming mainly from young people. Some olderreligious life religious lifepeople are also exploring possibilities for themselves as they seek to deepen their relationship with God.

At a recent conference of Anglican Religious Orders in New Zealand, it was decided it would be helpful to produce a brochure including the range of Religious orders in New Zealand, with an Anglican connection.

Copies of these brochures, with contact information for each group, are being sent to parishes. We would like you to make these available to those who might be interested.

They might be a useful start to a conversation with someone who is seeking a deeper commitment to a life with Christ.

If people are interested there are several books in the Diocesan Library on the New Monastic Communities springing up around the world. These books talks about the ministries New Monastic communities get involved with and the theology behind the movement.

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