Dear Friends in Otago and Southland,

We have been so grateful for all your prayers over the past few months. During the worst weeks when Rachel was so critically ill, and we seemed to live at the hospital, the amazing wave of love and concern helped us to keep going. We can never repay such support and although you are too many to thank individually, we do want you to know how much it meant to us all.

Now that’s all behind us and Rachel is doing wonderfully well, and although she still has a long way to go, is enjoying Waiheke’s beaches and taking up new hobbies. She will stay here for another six months or so, until completely recuperated and then return to Mosgiel and academic life. Nonie, too, is glad to be over all her cancer treatment, looking forward to picking up all the interests that have taken a back seat for the past year, and George is now at last able to relax.

We still keep an eye on the southern weather (!) and wish we could send you some of our increasing warmth. Even better would be if you could come up and visit us and experience it for yourselves. We would love to see you.

With our love
Nonie, George, Rachel and all the extended family.

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