Email from Hilda England

I am currently in Blenheim with Daphne(Putiputi) and Kevin Thompson. I am on a trip to try to promote prayer and other support for Edric Baker. He is now very frail and can only walk a few steps. My goals are to try to set up groups to support his work and to pray for him and his work. He urgently needs two people – a replacement doctor and also someone who will work the computer and manage public relations, and do fund raising. Edric has been told he has a limited time left to live.

In February I visited him. He is cheerful and outgoing but has no energy. He has handed over the management of Kailakuri to one of his paramedics. The word is that if there is no doctor there the place will be closed down. This means about 40,000 people with no medical care, loss of jobs for his staff and the shops in the area will close as there will be no money to buy anything.

Please pray for Edric and his work.

I hope to come south in the summer and talk to groups about the needs of Kailakuri.

Best wishes
Hilda England

Reference Code: VYWG
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