I loved being at our ministry school the other week and I am very grateful to Alec and Benjamin who organised it. Presenting Bible studies is one of my favourite things to do, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to share in this way, something that happens all too rarely in my current role. For me, the real highlights of the week were the testimonies given to the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of ordinary people. I came away refreshed and reminded that although the church is facing some huge challenges God is at work and some exciting things are happening in a large number of places.

I recently had the privilege of leading worship in Port Chalmers in the morning and then ordaining Peter Ross in Balclutha in the evening. It was a varied day, spent in two communities which are, in quite different ways, exciting and vital and alive. Last Sunday I was with another of our very lively small congregations,  St. Barnabas Warrington, in the morning and  that evening presented the launch of a new venture in ministry at St. Michael’s Clyde. St. Michael’s will now cease to be part of the Dunstan parish. It has been given into the stewardship of a diocesan trust, directly responsible to me. Over the next few months the church will be made over and will become a diocesan retreat facility. We hope that it will have sleeping accommodation and meeting space so that small groups can take advantage of its particularly beautiful setting. It joins St. Margaret’s Brighton as one of our diocesan buildings particularly oriented to this use. Given the beauty of our landscape I believe that retreat ministry is something we could and should be developing and sharing with the wider church.

I am looking forward to the movie evening on July 1 when we can enjoy a companionable time with others from the diocese, see a really good movie and at the same time do something practical for our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Banks and Torres, still recovering from the cyclones earlier in the year. I hope as many as possible can join me.

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