Last Saturday we had a very successful, and for me, enjoyable day in the Diocesan Office discussing the way we organise ourselves for the mission of God. About 40 people were present, representing every part of the diocese. We talked of the changing social context in which we find ourselves, the shifts in the Anglican church over the past 40 years, and the mission to which we were called. I presented an outline of how I thought a new parish statute might work. Over the next few weeks we will draft a new statute, bearing in mind the discussions of Saturday. This draft statute will be ready by early May, and for the next couple of months we will hold regional meetings at which it can be discussed and modified. I intend to be present at all of those regional meetings. A final draft will be ready for final printing in July and presentation to the diocesan synod in September.

The coming Saturday I leave for a couple of weeks in the USA. I am flying to Snowmass Colorado to take part in a ten day Post intensive Centering Prayer retreat at St. Benedict’s monastery, the home of Thomas Keating and the place where Centering Prayer originated. That is a hi falutin way of saying that I am going to be very still and very quiet for a very long time. Snowmass is not named that for nothing, and it is very cold there at the moment. I will have a day or two in Aspen before the conference, but I don’t imagine I will be doing much sightseeing. This trip is the first part of my sabbatical, and I hope it will prepare me to teach and guide people in the use of Centering Prayer in the Diocese of Dunedin for many years to come.

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