Over the past couple of weeks I have been in Colorado, at St. Benedict’s Monastery where I have been undertaking a ten day silent Centering Prayer retreat. The retreat was one of the highlights of my spiritual life to date, and one of the great things that happened for me was meeting Father Thomas Keating whose books have been a source of nurture for me for many years now. A DVD on the life of Fr. Thomas, called “A Rising Tide of Silence” is now in the diocesan library. I highly recommend it.

During May and June I will be travelling around the diocese talking to interested people about our  proposed changes to the parish statute. Many groups have already arranged times with me, and if you would like me to speak with your local community, please contact Debbie and arrange a time.

We have recently began negotiations with the Diocese of Banks and Torres in Vanuatu to enter a partner diocese relationship. I had intended to travel to Banks and Torres next month to discuss how the relationship might work to our mutual advantage. It seems unlikely at this stage that I will go, but I will be in touch with our new partners to see how they fared and how we might best extend Christian support in this time of difficulty.

Next week, Holy week will have a full range of activities for us all. I will be in Te Anau for the early part of the week, and there will be a Chrism Eucharist in St. Michael’s church on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, at 12:10 pm I will, as usual, be in our cathedral for a Chrism Eucharist at which the ordained will have opportunity to reaffirm their ordination vows and holy oil will be available for those who need it.

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