It has been a quiet start to the year, and I’ve spent it in my office doing the sort of work which I think will characterise much of this year. 2015 is the year when we will put in place much of the revised administrative framework which will enable us to do the work of Christ in our changing environment. So I have found myself drawing up terms of reference, looking at the roles of new committees and thinking about how we use the skills of our people. Although these are the sorts of tasks to which I don’t naturally gravitate, I have found that they cannot be done without thinking also about the deeper questions: why are we here? What is the task to which Christ calls us?  How do exercise the best stewardship of our many resources? These deeper questions will be reflected in our new structures, and the structures will help define the answers to these questions for many years to come. That is why it is important, despite perhaps the natural inclinations of many of us, that we are aware of what is going on, and are involved in the discussions that will unfold between now and our diocesan synod in September.

At home we have had my daughter, her husband and our very young grandson living with us as they make the transition from life in Qatar back to New Zealand. Our house is not huge, and three extra people have pushed its limits somewhat but I have loved every minute of having Bridget, Scott and Noah with us. The three generational community we have lived for the last few weeks is deeply satisfying; perhaps closer to the way we are supposed to live than the isolated nuclear families most of us regard as “normal”. I’m going to miss it when it ends.

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