My first official duty in the diocese this year was a sad one. Last Sunday I deconsecrated Holy Trinity Lawrence. Later in the month I will be performing a similar service at St. Stephen’s Hampden and I expect there will be several more before the year is out. This is part of the transition which our diocese is currently in the middle of.

Holy Trinity Lawrence is a beautiful building, and I hope it will be put to an appropriate use when it is finally sold. It has several items of furniture which are significant. Firstly there is a very nice little pipe organ, which when relocated and refurbished would make a stunning addition to a small to medium sized church. There are some stained glass windows, one of which is particularly fine. The altar cross is of huge diocesan significance. It was donated by Bishop Richards in memory of his two sons killed in the First World War. It is a large brass cross, well designed and made, and inset with semi-precious stones. Of even more significance is the font. It is Norman, and was brought from France to England at the time of William the Conqueror. It was used in England before being brought to New Zealand for use in St. Paul’s Cathedral. When the Cathedral was donated another font, the thousand year old Norman font was installed in Lawrence, and it is now seeking another home. It is in outstandingly good condition, and is quite large. There is also a bell in a bell tower which, unlike the church itself, has an historic places trust classification. I hope the bell tower can be relocated to some appropriate place in Lawrence. The question of what we do with these items is something that will be exercising me for the next few weeks.

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