During this past month I have taken some annual leave. In the second week of August I drove to Nelson to see my mother and this week past Clemency and I travelled to Sydney to attend our grand-daughter Naomi’s third birthday party. It was wonderful to reconnect with family but it did mean that the tasks for this month had to be condensed into just two weeks, and quite a bit has been happening.

The Rev’s Eric Kyte has resigned as Vicar General in order to devote his energies to his parish and to follow his academic interests. I am deeply appreciative of the energy and intelligence Eric brought to the role. He went out of his way to form connections with the archdeaconries and was a useful sounding board for me in the time he was in the role. I am very grateful for his contribution. Alec Clark has agreed to take the position in Eric’s place.  There are a few issues to be worked out regarding the integration of Alec’s role as ministry educator and that of Vicar General, but these are not prohibitive. Alec has a long and broad knowledge of the diocese, he is already integrated into the procedures in the diocesan office and has excellent relationships with all diocesan staff. Over the next few years there are likely to be, at times, some considerable demands on the Vicar General and Alec is ideally placed to meet them. I am pleased to be working with Alec in this new way.

We have appointed a number of new Canons to the chapter of St. Paul’s Cathedral. We hope to inducted them into their office at the synod Eucharist.

I am aware of the women’s hui in Auckland at the end of this month, and while I (obviously) will not be attending, I am keen that our diocese is well represented. I hope that at least some of those going from our diocese will be young women, who will benefit from the hui’s teaching on the theme of leadership. If people would like to attend but can’t afford the fares and conference fees, I may be able to be of some assistance.

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